Seikaisuru Kado Episode 5 Subtitle Indonesia

Download Seikaisuru Kado Subtitle Indonesia

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia Rilis Tanggal 13 Mei 2017

Informasi Seikaisuru Kado Subtitle Indonesia :
Producers: Toei Animation
Genres: Sci-Fi
Translator: Barru
Typesett: Leknaat
TLC/Editor: Salum
Encoder: Genkaku14

Download Seikaisuru Kado Episode 5 Subtitle Indonesia

[AWSubs] Seikaisuru Kado – 05 [480p][1E51FD77].mkv
[AWSubs] Seikaisuru Kado – 05 [720p][870AE99E].mkv
[AWSubs] Seikaisuru Kado – 05 [720p][10bit][6CED046D].mkv
[AWSubs] Seikaisuru Kado – 05 [480p].mp4
[AWSubs] Seikaisuru Kado – 05 [720p].mp4

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